Set of 50 Red Disposable Snack Containers - French Fry Box Holders Printed Party Box (Red, White, Pack of 50)

Rs. 469.00 Rs. 949.00

This 5.5 oz. paper scoop cup with Red design print is perfect for carnivals, concession stands, fast food establishments, and snack bars. The round shape and broad opening make it easy to carry and to scoop, ensuring ease of use by staff and patrons, alike. At the same time, the vibrant pattern increases visual interest while the disposable design ensures quick, no-hassle cleanup. This scoop cup is designed with a wide, angled rim to enable scooping of product right out of the warmer. At the same time, this angled rim makes it easy for guests to access the product within the scoop. Serve french fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, and grilled vegetables quickly, easily, and efficiently.