Wooden Gift Hamper Packaging Baskets, Bridel Gift Box,Fancy Trays, Color - Lime Green Storage Basket (Pack of 3)

Rs. 849.00 Rs. 1,689.00
As a basket for wedding: By adding gifts to the basket, It will add the charm and creativity to your gifts in the wedding party, you can enjoy the most important moment with your special ones, it also gives you the best wishes, it also even be used to store the dessert, candy and so on in the party. As a decoration for home You can also put the your essentials in it and use it as a home room decoration. As a normal fruit basket You also can use this basket to hold fruits and give a decor to your dinning. High quality and with box package This basket can reuse, if you buy it for wedding, you can use it as a home decoration and Highly appreciable by your loved ones too.